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Why There’s No Such Thing as a Cure


Natural Forces within us are the true healers of disease.

By Michelle S. Lim, D.C.

Mainstream media loves to throw around the word “cure”. Waiting for a cure, hope for a cure, raise money for a cure, walk for a cure, run for a cure-everyone wants one.

The thing about a cure, is that there is no such thing. The problem with relying on a cure is that you shift the paradigm of health as an inside-outside model, to an outside-inside (intervention and drug based) model. In Western Society, we transition the responsibility of health from our own actions to becoming dependent on doctors and surgeons.  

Our bodies have the amazing ability to heal. We are intelligent beings who encounter illnesses, diseases and cancer everyday, yet our body is constantly healing and repairing itself. It’s when our body loses its ability to the ward off malignancy that we become diagnosed and labelled as sick, diseased, or with cancer. Devastating words that are very much fear-driven.

Disease is no joke, and once stricken, it’s easy to become vulnerable and leave your fate unto the hands of professionals. Yet, no matter what treatment you chose to receive, the rate of recovery is based on the speed of your healing process. Did you hear that? It all comes back to your body, your own immune system and your innate intelligence. There’s no cure because no matter what the intervention, our ability to get well is based on each individual’s ability to heal.  

The health of humans will improve once we reclaim the power to heal and nurture it. When we all become accountable for the status of our health, there won’t be a need for a cure. A cure implies something of magic. And where magic is simply just a mere illusion, I prefer miracles.

If we trust in our body and give it the proper ingredients for wellness, then miracles can come to fruition. So, the word “cure” needs to be replaced with the word “heal”. As dynamic beings, our bodies need no intervention, just no interference.  

From a holistic perspective, the only real “cure” is prevention. Using food as medicine, efficient stress management, staying in constant motion while balancing a stillness of mind, maintaining agility, and living a lifestyle that is congruent to your core values are all different components of health. When we disrupt the body’s ability to properly communicate within itself by feeding it hormone-ladden, antibiotic induced, bleach, processed, colored and sugared crap, while under constant stress and negative thinking, we set ourselves up for illness. An imbalanced nervous system equals poor function and poor metabolism, dampening our body’s ability to heal and repair.  

There hasn’t been any progress to finding a cure, because there is none. Nothing can replace the amount of healing our body has in the ability to perform. We need to focus on mental, emotional, chemical, and physical health as one mechanism rather than trying to treat each part separately as different illnesses arise. The more balanced we are in all aspects of our lives, the more we can move toward a constant state of wellness, rather than going up and down the ladder of health and disease.  

So we need to quit throwing around the word “cure” and instead, strive to be pro-active in our health. We need to get out of this mentality that a magic drug, that is synthetically made, will assist in eradicating illness in disease. Does it make sense that something “fake” would heal an organic substance? It’s like giving a live, living plant Vitamin water and imitation sunshine. Although a plant can grow under artificial lights, it’s vitality is not the same as a plant found in nature. 

We need to awaken and take back our health. Take back the health that never left us. Let us nurture ourselves with God’s pharmacy, be kind to the earth, be kind to others, and especially be kind to ourselves. It’s time to step up and take responsibility for our vitality.


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