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Body Art & The Physiology of the Body

By Dr. Michelle S. Lim

Body Art, such as Tattoos and Piercings can affect the physiology of your body according to Acupuncture Meridians

Body Art, such as Tattoos and Piercings, can affect the physiology of your body according to Acupuncture Meridians

In Acupuncture and Chinese medicine, the study of the meridian system plays a vital role in the diagnosis and treatment of a patient.  Much like electricity, meridians are invisible to the human eye, but experienced Chinese doctors and Acupuncturists alike, can feel this energy pathway with their hands.

There are 12 primary meridian pathways, which work like a channel system for Qi (energy or life force) and are interconnected throughout the body.

Along these meridian channels lay acupuncture points.  Acupuncturists use specific points to tonify or sedate specific Qi (or energy) depending on the needs of each individual.

It’s important to take these points into account when getting any kind of piercing, since it can neurologically over stimulate or dampen one’s nervous system.

For example, my colleague had a patient who presented with vomiting, nausea and inconsistent bowel movements.  After visiting several doctors, she was told nothing was wrong with her and that there was nothing they could do for her.  The only solution they provided was fitting her for a feeding tube.

So, being the awesome holistic practitioner that my colleague is, she did some nutritional response testing through muscle tests and found that the patient’s belly button ring was negatively affecting the physiology of this patient. With supplements in tow and a new-found knowledge of how piercings can affect your body, the woman decided to take her belly button ring out immediately. Today, she is nausea free, no longer vomiting and has regular bowel movements again.

What a miracle to go from being told, “You need a feeding tube,” to “You have some nutritional deficiencies and you have a piercing that is offending the meridians in your  body.  Let’s correct that.”  This is the power of holistic medicine.

Ear piercings

Ear piercings

So if you have any recurring issues that fail to resolve, it’s important to look into one’s piercings, and tattoos even, as the majority of tattoo ink offered is filled with heavy chemicals.

You can see an Acupuncturist, Kinesiologist or any practicing holistic doctor to see if your body art is negatively affecting you in any way.

For more on Tattoo safety, read here: Think Before You Ink.

Ear Points in Chinese Acupuncture Medicine.

Ear Points in Chinese Acupuncture Medicine.


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