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Patient Centered. Service You Can Trust. Quality Care.
A Filipina Woman Owned Family Practice.

Nervous System Chiropractor in Los Angeles California
Dr. Michelle Lim

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About Me

Hi!  I'm Dr. Lim and I LOVE what I do!  In my office, I care for pregnant women, babies, children, students, adults, athletes, support those with disabilities, and senior citizens.  I provide chiropractic care and services to the whole family, through every walk of life.  I focus on removing interference to the spine and aligning the mind and body to balance out the nervous system--so that individuals may experience quick and effective pain relief naturally--without the use of medications or surgery.  I educate and empower my patients to live a healthy lifestyle so that they may feel good and stay healthy.  I started my practice so that people can have hands on healing and be treated like an actual human being, instead of just a number at the doctor's office.  Come on in and see what it feels like to feel good and move happy--You were designed to thrive!

Featured on VoyageLA! 

The Doctor of the Future will give no medicine, but will interest their patients in the care of the human frame, in proper diet and in the cause and prevention of disease.
--Thomas Edison

Meet the Doc

Dr. Michelle Lim is a Board Licensed Chiropractic Physician based in Bellflower, CA.  She received her Doctor of Chiropractic from the Southern California University of Health Sciences and holds a Bachelors of Arts in Social Ecology from the University of California, Irvine. 


Dr. Lim is a professional and active member of the American Chiropractic Association, California Chiropractic Association, International Chiropractic Pediatric Association, Holistic Pediatric Alliance and proud to be a Nervous System Chiropractor.


Having been to a Chiropractor at a young age, she's experienced the numerous benefits of Chiropractic care.  After suffering from many allergies, having asthma and getting yearly bronchitis, her parents took her to a Chiropractor on her 16th birthday and changed her life forever.  She became educated and empowered by her body, finally understanding that her nervous system was just craving regulation and balance.  Suddenly, her hormonal cystic acne cleared up, her eczema went away and she stopped getting yearly upper respiratory infections and bronchitis.  And being a dancer and athlete, she saw improvement in performance and noticed how strong her health became through chiropractic care.

Dr. Michelle Lim was in awe of the human body and became inspired at how resilient the body is and it's amazing ability to heal itself.  She knew she wanted to pursue Chiropractic and offer the same knowledge and care to others.  After working for other clinics for a couple of years, she decided to open up her own practice so that she could take her time with patients and really treat them with the care that the allopathic department lacked.  

Dr. Lim is a diversified chiropractor who incorporates techniques such as Applied Kinesiology, N.E.T., Activator, Graston, Thompson, Sacral Occipital technique, Cranio-Sacral therapy as well as non-force gentle technique to individualize patient treatment plans. She is also one of few practitioners in the state of California with guided PEMF Therapy-Electrons Plus.


She uses a natural approach towards health and wellness by taking into account the nutritional, emotional, structural and toxic status of body.  Dr. Lim enjoys treating patients of all ages, from infants to geriatric, specializing in wellness care for the whole family.  As a certified Webster Intrauterine Constraint practitioner, Dr. Lim works with a lot of pregnant women and babies.  


On her free time, she likes to hike, snowboard, travel, read, write and spend time with her dogs and family.  She also loves uplifting her community and donates her time volunteering and giving talks on spinal care and health.  Dr. Lim has gone on multiple mission trips to help spread the word of Chiropractic care.  She has gone to Kenya and the Dominican Republic and has helped organized donation drives at her office. 


Always an advocate for holistic health and medical freedom, she continues to attend various seminars and workshops to continue learning, be informed and provide the most advanced care.  With passion, compassion and enthusiasm, Dr. Lim strives to empower patients through education, nutrition and Chiropractic care for an optimal quality of life. 

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