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Behind every great Athlete, is a great Chiropractor

By Michelle Lim, D.C.

Misty May and Chiropractit

3 time Olympic Gold Medalist Misty May Treanor shares her love for Chiropractic at Cal Jam 2013 in Costa Mesa,California.

Last year, I had the unique opportunity to attend one of the biggest Chiropractic Conventions in Orange County. Alongside many great speakers and inspiring Chiropractors, Three-time Olympic Gold Medalist Misty May Treanor surprised us with her personal passion, excitement and testimony of Chiropractic care.

She talked of how instrumental Chiropractic has been for her athletic career as well as for professional baseball player hubby, Matt Treanor.  She credits her Chiropractor for keeping her in top shape and spoke on how everyone needs to hear the Chiropractic message.

In light of The NBA Playoffs, I thought I’d share with you the love, shout-outs and testimonies of athletes from all walks of life, from every spectrum in the game.  See why this vitalistic form of health care ranks high among the world’s leading athletes.

Matt Harvey receives Chiropractic care

Matt Harvey credits Chiropractic adjustments for helping him with back issues.

Blake Griffin Chiropractic

Every Professional Team has a Chiropractor at their side.

Aaron Rodgers relies on Chiropractic Care

Aaron Rodgers stays at the top of his game with Chiropractic.

Michael Jordan and Chiropractic

A Chiropractor is essential for every Team.

A Chiropractor is essential for every Team.

Get the winning edge with Chiropractic!

Get the winning edge with Chiropractic!

Reggie Bush is a Champion of Chiropractic

Tom Brady advocates Chiropractic

Emmitt Smith and Chiropractic

Tennis and Chiropractic
Joe Montana and chiropractic

As an athlete, your body goes through daily wear and tear with training.  Chiropractic helps maintain proper alignment in the body, so that it can recover with ease.  Side effects include a faster healing time so that you can advance to the next level of speed, power, stamina and accuracy while maintaing agility and full range of motion. You don’t need to be a professional athlete to reap the benefits of Chiro care, nor do you have to be an athlete at all.   Whether it’s running around to play with your kids, or your need to be on top of your game for an interview, business meeting, or whatever you do, chiropractic can provide the extra cutting edge for peak performance.


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